About us

¬°Hola ūüėä! My name is Sttefany and together with Chris, I created Yumly Food: a homemade recipes blog where our passion for audiovisual art and our love for cooking collide to inspire everyone to cook more at home and order less food in apps ūüę†.

Our story began with a deep conviction that cooking goes beyond simply preparing food: For us, cooking is a sensory journey that connects us with our roots, our families and even our memories. Thus, with each recipe we share, we want to transport you through time and space, to inspire you to remember and create the richest flavours.

Join us on this culinary journey in Yumly Food! Together, we can keep the tradition of home cooking alive and celebrate the diversity of flavours that enrich our everyday life. From our kitchen to you, we invite you to be part of our community!

Thank you for visiting us! ūüíõ

If you want to know more about us or have general consultations, you can send an email to [email protected] or fill out a contact form here.